Rigaud Paris Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle) Candle (3 Sizes Avilable)

Rigaud Paris Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle) Candle (3 Sizes Avilable)
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Product Description

Rigaud - Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle) Candle Rigaud Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle) candle is the sweet scent of honeysuckle. This honeysuckle will fill a room with the luscious scent of one of the worlds sweetest Spring flowers. Deep blue wax color.

Rigaud has been producing scented candles for more than half a century. Each candle is hand-poured and inspected to insure a premium quality product. Rigaud candles burn evenly, without leaving any deposit on the glass and they do not tunnel, unlike hard wax candles. Each candle comes with a silver "snuffer" lid.

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