Email Diamant

3-Pack Email Diamant Cosmetic RED Toothpaste - Formule Rouge Original

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We have had several queries about the sudden disappearance from supermarket shelves of an extremely popular brand of cosmetic toothpaste. It contained a red coloring agent that enhanced gum and tooth contrast. It did not confer Dracula-like qualities. And it is excellent for removing stains from your teeth. There is a French Product that does exactly the same job - It is called 'Email Diamant' - Strange name, I know but it does the trick. Since 1893, Email Diamant - the cosmetic toothpaste with the "Red Formula" has added color to gums - which helps enhance the whiteness of the teeth. Polishing agents gently clean, essential oils prevent the formulation of dental plaque and natural light reflectors add sparkle to your pearly whites!