Frasco 5 1/4 inch Round Chrome Stand Folding Travel Mirror (7X)

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The Frasco 5 1/4 inch Chrome 7X Vanity Stand Mirror is a cornerstone of any beauty ritual and is equally suitable at home or on the road when used as a travel mirror. Featuring one side 7X magnification and the other regular with a built in stand, this mirror comes securely packed inside a black travel case.

Frasco mirrors have been manufactured in Germany since 1920. Manufacturing designs based on decades of experience in combination with skilled craftsmanship and using only the finest brass alloys, Frasco mirrors can be found in all places where classic taste and lasting quality are given preference.

Type: Folding Stand (includes travel case).

Shape: Round.

Magnification: Regular and 7x.

Dimensions (not including frame): 4 1/2" Diameter.

Metal Finish: Chrome.