Grether's Pastilles Blackcurrant Pastilles (2.125 oz.)

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Throat-soothing and palate-pleasing, these candies date back to 1930, but they have many current fans, including former President Clinton. Made with glycerin and vitamin C, they satisfy a sweet tooth, moisten a dry mouth, and can even ward off colds.

They contain a high quality glycerin which helps keep the mouth and throat moist, protected, and soothed. Agar-Agar (derived from dulse) lends the pastille their silky consistency while the natural extracts of fruit give Grether`s Pastilles their great taste. Before the pastilles are packaged into the classic gold Grether`s tins, they must be allowed to ripen for three months.

Grether`s Pastilles are recommended for hoarseness, sore throats, croaky voice and dry mouth. People who have to use their voice a lot, e.g. through singing or extensive talking, benefit particularly from the calming, soothing and nourishing effect of Grether`s Pastilles.

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Delicious pastilles

Perfect for a throat with allergy irritation.

Awesome pastilles

Fantastic product. They brought back memories from my childhood. They are just as good now as they were then. Highly recommend.

starsSoothing and theraputic

I first had these pastilles when I worked for a local university medical center pharmacy. We stocked these specifically for our customers who would use them prior to class lectures or speaking engagements at the university. We always had a tin on the counter for staff and they really are therapeutic. The only negative is that the relaxing effect doesn't last very long; i would say no longer than a half hour. I keep them on my office desk now just to keep a scratchy throat soothed.

Found at last!

I am 75 years old, and I remember the original "Allenberrys Glycerin Black Currant Pastilles" - in the same packaging - that my father, who was a singer, always carried with him. These were the only lozenges I've ever known that soothed the throat without interfering with a singer's performance - and I thought they had gone out of business. I am thrilled that Grether's are now available on Amazon! The only difference is that the outside of each lozenge is no longer shiny, which means they no longer stick together. That is the only change I discern, and that is an improvement. They taste and work exactly the same as they did so many years ago!