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PAEDIATRIC DERMATOLOGY BIODERMA has used its dermatological expertise to benefit paediatrics by offering an extra safe and extra gentle hygiene range for babies. All products are specifically formulated...
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VERY DRY TO ATOPIC SENSITIVE SKIN Through its Atoderm range, BIODERMA has an original solution for very dry to atopic sensitive skin. Thanks to its dermo-patented formulas, Atoderm...
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DAMAGED AND IRRITATED SKIN Our skin is our primary barrier against external stress; it insulates and protects us. When it is damaged, irritated skin is more sensitive and...
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DEHYDRATED SENSITIVE SKIN The skin can very easily be lacking water although essential to its natural balance. Every day, external aggression disrupts its state, the skin then dehydrates,...
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HAIR AND SCALP Depending on your hair and scalp needs, Nodé offers combinations of active ingredients and appropriate textures guaranteeing extreme tolerance.   Bioderma invented NOn DEtergent shampoos...
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SKIN AND SUN Depending on your skin type, the amount of sunshine (season, time of day) and the geographic conditions (altitude, latitude), Photoderm offers a solution tailored to...
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ACNE-PRONE AND COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN The skin changes during puberty: it becomes thicker, shiny and less soft. The more or less significant irregularities that appear sometimes continue...
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SENSITIVE SKIN Sensitive skin expresses itself through sensations of heat and widespread or localized redness. It becomes dehydrated easily and the ensuing dryness auto-maintains its fragility and leads...
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