Since its founding in Paris in 1852, La Maison Rigaud, one of the oldest perfumeries in the world, has taken special care in the choice and preparation of its ingredients to create home fragrances that are as carefully crafted as perfumes for the body.

Rigaud soft wax is patented, unique on the market, and recognized as the highest-quality wax in the world of candles. It is the only soft wax that guarantees perfect afterglow of the fragrance. Its texture allows the scent to be released even when the candle is not burning. Its low melting point of approximately 42°C enables it to liquefy more rapidly than hard waxes, ensuring immediate diffusion of the fragrance.

La Maison Rigaud takes particular care with the choice of the wick, essential to proper candle combustion and lift of the fragrance into the air. All wicks are of natural cotton. The wicks are attached to a metal star and centered in the container. Rigaud wicks are designed not to drown in the wax during burning.

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