Floris London Bar Soaps

10 products
LUXURY SOAP Discover our traditional collection of finely fragranced signature soaps,all hand wrapped and triple milled with vegetable base to producea rich and creamy lather.
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Floris London Bath Essence

5 products
Specially formulated with skin softening castor oil, our luxury range of aromatic bath essences will leave skin feeling silky soft and lightly scented.
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Floris London Body Moisturizers

7 products
Our enriched body moisturisers will not only protect the skin from moisture loss, with nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, but they will also improve the skin's texture...
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Floris London Deodorant

1 product
A luxurious selection of finely scented moisturisers, shower gels, soaps and more.
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Floris London Fragrances

37 products
Explore our collection of finely crafted fragrances, available for both men & women. British Family perfumers since 1730, let us help you discover your signature scent that will...
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Floris London Mouth Wash

2 products
A traditional yet unique concentrated mouthwash, add a few drops of Floris Rose Mouthwash our new Violet Mouthwash to water to leave breath delicately scented.Based on an original...
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Floris London Room Fragrances

9 products
A simple and effective way to create a subtly fragrant atmosphere for your home and enhance your environment.
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Floris London Shower Gel

8 products
Luxurious perfumed bath and shower gels containing olive oil to gently soften skin while maintaining its natural balance.
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