Calendula & Orange Mineral Foot Bath Salt

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Nourishing and regenerating Calendula extract, nourishing Jojoba oil and essential Orange oil are infused into every salt crystal to create the perfect mineral bath salt designed specifically for your feet. Add a capful toy our foot bath or bath tub and soak your feet for a moment of comfort. Our foot bath salts help to revitalize tired, callused feet and help deodorize and clean the feet with natural thermal brine salt. 

Foot Care

    • Suitable for Diabetics
    • Infused with a unique blend of essential & nourishing oils
    • Delivers 8 to 10 foot baths
  • Designed with Podiatrists

 Calendula and Orange Foot Bath Soaking Salts

Sebastain Kneipp stressed the importance of caring for your feet and showing them the attention they deserve. Healthy feet contribute greatly to our qualtiy of life and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Our foot care products are: 

- Suitable for Diabetics
- Developed with Podiatrists
- Free of dyes and preservatives
Free of paraffin, silicone and mineral oils