Elgydium Classic Toothbrush Imported (Soft Color May Vary)

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About Elgydium: Formulated especially for adult tastes and the unique dental challenges imposed by adult eating, drinking, and smoking habits, Elgydium is not a sugary-sweet toothpaste. Imported from France, Elgydium toothpaste has been an integral element of the daily regimen employed by adults who desire to look and feel their best. This company also makes a full line of toothbrushes.

Customer Reviews

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Great toothbrush!

Comfortable, wide handle and nice, soft brush. I bought my first Elgydium toothbrush while traveling, and the merchant told me that his customers said they didn’t want to use any other kind. I agree with that.


Elgydium Classic Toothbrush Imported (Soft Color May Vary)

Tooth brush

The tooth brushes were very good but expensive

Only decent-looking toothbrush available.

I am so pleased to find a US source for this toothbrush. It seems to be the only good quality toothbrush left that is not ridiculously overdesigned to look like a piece of sports equipment. The others all have weird shapes and bright, ugly colors that ruin the look of my bathroom. I was glad to be able to order a specific color- blue- as when ordering from Switzerland in the past I have had to accept random colors. The order arrived very promptly.

Completely unresponsive customer service

I ordered 2 Elgydium toothbrushes on Amazon.com from Eisler Chemist, a third-party seller on Amazon. The color choice on the order page was BLUE or PURPLE. I put in an order for 1 of each. What arrived was one blue and one red.

I sent at least 3 emails to Eisler, asking them to exchange the red one for another blue or purple one, and tried multiple times to reach them by phone. I received no response.

They seem extremely arrogant and disinterested in correcting mistake that they make in orders.

It is now a month since I placed the order and they have yet to respond to my email, so I contested the charge with Chase Bank.