Elgydium Kids Toothpaste Gel with Fluorinol 2 - 6 Year Olds Banana Flavor 50 Ml

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Elgydium Kids Toothpaste taste Banana Produced by gel formulation; egengive is gentle on teeth and for protecting baby teeth against cavities. Suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years. It contains Fluorinol, amine fluoride second generation, patent Pierre Fabre eSilyglicol, protective film-forming agent. The Fluorinol is able to bind to 5 times more than a luorominerale, from the first minute of brushing. With a dose of 500 ppm of fluoride, suitable for milk teeth, the enamel èprotetto and more resistant to acid attacks. The Siliglycol helps inhibit bacterial colonization and prolongs fixing delfluoro after rinsing. Paraben. Format 50 ml Taste: Banana