Lavender Mineral Bath Salt - Relaxing

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The LAVENDER MINERAL BATH SALT - “RELAXING LAVENDER”with valuable essential lavender oil helps keep you grounded when life gets too hectic. Lay back and relaxwith aromatherapy scents of lavender and soak your troubles away as you settle in to this relaxing and calming experience. After soaking in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes, emerge from our bath salt warm and comforted with a fresh mind and spirit.


Our bath salts are high in thermal spring salt, a natural crystal in pure form, free of any chemical additives and pollutants. Our salts not only nourish and detox the skin with natural minerals but also gently clean it while you soak. The bath crystals are then loaded with valuable lavender essential oil to stimulate the senses and provide a solution to those in need of peace and wellness.

Our high quality bath salts are obtained from the depth of a 250 million year-old ancient ocean to bring you wellness in its purest form.


SODIUM CHLORIDE, POLYSORBATE 20, LINALOOL, PARFUM (FRAGRANCE), LAVANDULA HYBRIDA OIL, CAMPHOR, LIMONENE, SODIUM CARBONATE, SODIUM METHYL OLEOYL TAURATE. (Please note: this INCI-declaration is corresponding to our current production status. Thus it can occur that previous product versions with different INCI-declarations are also available.)

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