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Mason Pearson Popular Military Boar Bristle Hair Brush BN1M Dark Ruby

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The handle-free Military hairbrush was originally used as far back as the 1700s. It was created for easy storage in the rucksacks of military men on the march. Our Military hairbrushes come in large and medium sizes and are available in Boar Bristle, Bristle and Nylon and Nylon.

  • Best suited for shorter hair of normal or greater density.
  • Indentations on handle sides provide a comfortable grip.
  • 8 rings of tufts incorporating boar bristle and nylon.
  • Each tuft contains bristles cut in 2 lengths.
    • Shorter boar bristles focus on cleaning and polishing the hair cuticle.
    • Longer "spired" nylon filaments reach through thicker hair to provide scalp stimulation.
  • Pneumatic rubber cushion regulates the penetration of each tuft to effectively condition the hair and scalp.
  • Overall size is 5 1/8 by 3 1/4 inches.
  • Special cleaning brush included.


  • 124 mm : 4 7/8 inches

  • 73 mm : 2 7/8 inches